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Personalized Handmade Straight Razor Cigar Box Shave Kit


Image of Personalized Handmade Straight Razor Cigar Box Shave Kit
  • Image of Personalized Handmade Straight Razor Cigar Box Shave Kit
  • Image of Personalized Handmade Straight Razor Cigar Box Shave Kit
  • Image of Personalized Handmade Straight Razor Cigar Box Shave Kit
  • Image of Personalized Handmade Straight Razor Cigar Box Shave Kit

A hot cup of coffee is a nice way to start your day, but nothing beats the feel of cold steel against the throat to invigorate your morning.

The lost art of shaving with a straight razor is going through a revival as today's men are discovering the many benefits of adding it to their shaving ritual. A straight razor will provide a very smooth and close shave like no other razor and there are no overpriced disposable cartridges junking up the environment. The almost meditative morning routine of straight-razor shaving puts you in the company of some manly men like George Washington, Harry Houdini, and John L. Sullivan.

This custom shave kit includes a handmade aromatic cedar cigar box with a sliding personalized lid and contains the following:

- Straight Razor
- Shaving Brush
- Shave Soap Travel Tin
- Official Man Card Travel Strop
- Mustache Comb

Each piece fits perfectly into a custom foam insert with a cork liner.


The razor is a good introduction to traditional wet shaving. It sports a 6/8 carbon steel Gold Dollar 66 blade with engraved bamboo scales which are finished with a natural shellac. The blade is shave-ready and extremely sharp.

Razor is approximately 6.5" folded, 9.5" open


If you're going to shave like your grandpa, you will need a proper brush to lather up. This classic boar's hair shaving brush with a faux Silvertip badger look will soften and lift your beard, help with trapped hairs, and gently exfoliate your skin in preparation for a razor. A necessary accessory for a clean and close shave.


This good old-fashioned glycerine soap is hand poured into a reusable 4 oz. travel tin that also doubles as a shaving bowl for whipping up a rich lather. No need for a separate mug or scuttle. The rust-proof tin can be used in the shower and includes a handy travel lid so you can stash it in your dopp kit and hit the road. A little bit of soap goes a long way and it is reasonable to expect to get a month or two of shaves out of it, depending on use. Just drop in a replacement puck when the time comes. That's good for anyone looking to reduce waste and save some dough that can be better put toward that bar tab, juicy steak, or the kid's college fund.

The 2 oz. all-natural shave soap comes in a nice reusable tin with a real-wood veneer label and a personalized gift box made from recycled material. This looks as good as it smells, so it makes a nice gift.

Sodium lauryl sulfate, phthalate and paraben free.

Not tested on animals.

All-natural vegan ingredients:

Coconut Oil
Palm Oil
Safflower Oil
Kaolin Clay
Vitamin E Oil

2 oz.


The Man Card is a clever travel strop on its reverse. Made of bamboo and English bridal leather to keep your blade nice and sharp. This card can be carried in one of our personalized wallets and displayed at a moments notice to settle bar bets. Guaranteed to weaken the knees of pretty ladies and inspire children to sing songs about you.


This is a small handmade mustache comb that is crafted with bamboo scales which can be personalized with your favorite initials, nickname, or monogram. The tortoise shell marble acrylic comb conveniently flips out to reveal both wide and narrow teeth to properly groom your entire face and is appropriate for different phases of whisker growth. The smooth wood handle swivels 360 degrees, like a straight razor, to hit hard-to-reach areas and allow use with either hand while ensuring a handsome and healthy mustache.

Made from 5-ply alternating bamboo layers that run perpendicular to each other for strength and durability, this little comb is pretty hardy and appropriate as an everyday carry. I had one on my person while chopping firewood and shooting a Colt 1911 with a Marine Captain and a Buddhist Monk on a working cattle ranch. True story.

Folds neatly into its handle and rides well your pocket or dopp kit. Guaranteed to work on any mustache, Van Dyke, and most mutton chops.

Approximately 3.6" folded

Handmade in Texas!

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